Growing and Processing of Essential Oil Plants

Essential oils

Natural high quality essential oils are used mostly for aromatization of food, beverages, household chemical goods, in pharmaceutical industry, in medicine and aromatherapy and as solvents as well.


Herbal distillates

Herbal distillates are used for preparing epithems, balneums, face packs for skin and hair, it’s possible to prepare creams, toners and scrubs on their base; one can add them to shampoo, this affords to cushion the effect of washing substance and give one’s hair shine.



Water-soluble extracts are widely used in Pharmaceutics, BAD, Food industry, Cosmetology, Veterinary medicine, sport nutrition. Natural product 100%, they don’t contain any admixtures and extractants.


Essential oils production

The main activity of our company is the production of essential oils, herbal distillates and water-soluble extracts for medical purpose. Our experts have not only long experience in the essential oils manufacturing but they also have thorough knowledge in this domain that allows to get high-quality production.

Beautiful nature and wonderful climate of the Caucasus foothills allow to get ecologically clean and high-quality essential oils. All the stages of growing – from the tillage to harvesting are carried out in the fields by our own machinery. This allows to process raw materials during optimal terms and get essential high-quality oils. Fields under crop are closely situated to the processing place that is very important for getting high-quality products.

High-quality seed material, modern technology, fertilizers and crop-protection agents of leading manufacturers are used for having big crops. All planting stock is bought only in special zonal experimental stations of RRIMSP (Russian research institute of medical and scent plants).