The equipment for producing essential oils is an equipment complex for the steam distillation of essential oils in the containers. The whole complex allows to accomplish a full closed technological cycle. All equipment parts coming in contact with production are made of stainless steel.

The complex base is a device for producing essential oils. The device type – mobile, movable, intermittently operating. Raw material capacity is no less than 9 t/h. Nominal output of raw materials is 90 t/day. The complex includes the equipment for giving essential oils market quality: vacuum drying with a distillation column and filtration - blending capacity

All the stages of production are controlled by the laboratory equipped with the chromatograph “Crystal 2000”, certified according to GOST NCB 9001-2008

The essential oil materials processing complex includes a boiling-house equipped with an Italian gas-fuel steam-boiler with its capacity of 2 tons of steam/hour

For increasing productivity in future the place is reserved in the boiling-house for second phase of steam-boiler’s installation with its capacity of 4 tons of steam/h. Our equipment is being constantly improved for increasing productive efficiency. We always study and develop new ways of production. We are ready to grow and process any crop that is able to take root in our climatic zone.