Water-soluble extracts

People have been using vulnerary herbs in cosmetic and medical aids from ancient times to the present days. Now it is scientifically proven that plant extracts of vulnerary herbs can do wonders in Cosmetology by rejuvenating, strengthening and cleaning skin that’s why leading beauty product manufacturers make use of these components, producing lines of “botanic” cures. It is common knowledge that vulnerary plant extracts in cosmetic aids are much more healthful for our skin and hair than synthetic components. Healing properties of vulnerary plants are due to their constituent active substances.

Plants contain healthful substances as biologically-active complexes that’s why they act kindly, deeply and effectively, have a strong beneficial effect, they are low-toxic and cause side effect rarely. An extract (Latin “extractus” - elongated) is a dosage form obtained by extraction (distillation) of an active component out of crude drug by means of extractant. We use only water-soluble extracts i.e. hot water as an extractant. Advantages of water as a dissolvent are specified by its selectivity i.e. water doesn’t dissolve resins and balsamic substances in plants which generally don’t have health properties. Therapeutic action of many species of plants is due to different bioactive substances contained. They appear during plant vital functions and influence effectively upon metabolic process in skin cells having strong antiseptic, antiphlogistic, antibacterial, sedative, astringent, tonic and emollient effects. These substances have different composition and relate to various structural classes (sugars, organic acids, essential and fatty oils, vitamins, phytoncids, mucilaginous and materials, resins, saponins, alkaloids, mineral substances and others). They are found in plants at a certain ratios which have been developed during the evolution when a plant body interacted with the environment. That is an advantage of vegan medicines as compared with synthesized products.

We are expending colossal sums of money on expensive medical products, beauty salons, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons in order to preserve our beauty and stay young. In the quest for our youth we don’t take notice of the best cosmetologist – the nature. It presents us all the necessary.