Herbal distillates

Herbal distillate is a product of steam distillation, it is water with dissolved essential oil. A water solubility number at a certain temperature corresponds to each essential oil that’s why each herbal distillate has its own essential oil content. Its oil content differs from oil educed during the distillation as different oil components have various aqueous solubility. Odoriferous plants are used as raw materials.

Nowadays herbal distillates are widely used in the world cosmetic industry and as a particular product or as a base for many beauty products. Properties. Herbal distillates, preserving essential oil properties, are skin and mucous membrane –friendly, they don’t irritate amyctic skin. These distillates are suitable for children, elderly persons and those emaciated by disease. Herbal distillates may be used in quite larger quantities if compared with essential oils.

The most effective application method of undiluted substance is spraying as it affords to coat necessary area with a small amount of substance. A sprayer has an advantage as there is no need to open a bottle once again that results in reducing the risk of product pollution. It is possible to spray herbal distillates over the whole body surface, for example, for refreshing oneself, stimulating blood circulation, decreasing body temperature, they may be even used as perfume or deodorant substitute. This is a good means to treat skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns caused by contact with noxious plants, cuts and wounds. Though during a course of treatment skin problems with herbal distillates one should take into account that the repeated application of small potions (ideally at least 1-12 times a day) is more effective than the product’s use at large quantity twice a day.

Herbal distillates, characterized by astringent properties, are the effective tonic properties for daily-use skin care. They don’t dry skin, prevent it from drying effect of atmospheric air and adverse conditions at home, office, on airplane. Many products are also suitable for normal and oily skin and for problem acne skin as well.

The best-known herbal distillates are floral waters which have been used for perfumery and skin care for a long time already: these are lavender and rose water. The production made out of chamomile, clary, eucalyptus, dried lime-blossoms, common balm, rose and mother-of-thyme are also used.